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Cremation Urns Custom

Edit:Xiamen Youstar Imp & Exp Co.,LtdUpDate:Aug 31, 2018
Stone Urns for Cremation

Like the most jadeite, the emperor black jade cremation urns consists of silicate minerals of sodium and aluminum. It is mainly composed of sodium (sodium chromite pyroxene) and soda-calcium pyroxene (pyroxene), and contains a small amount of hornblende, sparkling stone, and neon. It has a mosaic crystal structure, a metamorphic structure, and a secondary filling structure. The luster of the emperor black jade is a grease luster, giving a moisturizing feeling.

Ceramic cremation urns, it is characterized by: Stable physical properties, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, wear and pressure resistance, moisture and insect proof, buried in the soil, immortal for thousands of years, where the ashes are placed, which can prevent mildew. Let the deceased sleep under the jiuquan, do not worry that the urn will be rotten, unique shape, solemn style, can meet the needs of the customs of all ethnic groups! The ceramic urn is the perfect unity of practical utensils and art, not only has practical value, but also has aesthetic value. Different from the casket, the ash bucket is more noble, and it can highlight the identity of the deceased, especially the cloisonne ceramic urn.

Jade cremation urns: The color of the jade jade is rich and not gorgeous, the texture is delicate and not delicate, naturally forming a dignified and noble quality, making its products show the elegant and precious instrument. As the ashes, it shows that the status of the deceased is different, and it also shows that the family or unit of the deceased pays attention to the deceased and the mood is different.