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Elegant calm simple natural and serene beauty

Edit:Xiamen Youstar Imp & Exp Co.,LtdUpDate:Jun 07, 2018

Antique tiles, a kind of glazed tiles, are made of enamel (water absorption rate is about 3%) or enamel (absorption rate is about 8%). They are used for building wall surfaces. Due to textures, they are similar to stone veneers. With a long-term effect, the industry is generally referred to as an antique brick.

Antique brick is not a product of China’s ceramic industry and was imported from abroad. Antique tiles evolved from the color glazed tiles, which are essentially glazed porcelain tiles. Compared with ordinary glazed tiles, the difference is mainly reflected in the color of the glaze.

Antique tiles belong to ordinary tiles and are basically the same as tiles. The only difference is that in the firing process, the antique tiles imitate the old styles and do the old things. In essence, they are enameled porcelain bricks, with a unique charm of classical style. Attracting people's attention, in order to reflect the years of vicissitudes and history, the antique bricks create a nostalgic atmosphere through style, color and pattern. The antique brick is evolved from the color glazed tiles and is basically the same as the tiles. The so-called antique refers to the effect of bricks. It should be called antique effect tiles. The antique tiles are not difficult to clean.

Antique clay is made of pure clay; the process of “drinking water” makes it grayish blue; it is different from ordinary antique tiles (such as: porcelain tiles, vitrified tiles, etc.) Ancient building brick gives elegant and calm The beauty of simplicity, nature, and tranquility, and its characteristics of “breathability, water absorption, anti-oxidation, and clean air” are ideal decorative materials for house walls and pavement decoration. Become one of the products that designers highly recommend.

Antique tiles usually refer to glazed decorative tiles. The blanks can be made of porcelain. This is the mainstream. There are also enamels, fine enamels, and enamels. The glazes are dominated by matt; the shades are yellow, brown, and dark. Red, earth, gray, gray and black are the main ones; the culture, historical connotation and rich decoration techniques of antique tiles make it a mainstream ceramic tile product in the European and American markets and has also been rapidly developed in China. Antique bricks have a wide range of applications and development trends of wall and floor integration. Their innovative design and innovative technology give antique bricks a higher market value and life.