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Grave Marker Monuments

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Black Galaxy Granite Tombstone

Grave marker monuments are a commemorative carrier made by humans to the burial site of the deceased. They are generally made of stone materials, but also made of wood, metal materials and other materials.

In ancient China, the "Tomb without the grave" Was buried only in the ground, and the surface did not mark the tree. Later, there was gradually a grave on the ground and a tombstone.

After the death of a person, if you want to set up a tomb, most of them must have a tomb inscription. The name of the deceased, the birthplace, the achievements, the date of death, the name of the person who made the monument, and the relationship with the deceased are generally engraved on the tombstone. Write inscriptions to pay tribute and affection to the deceased.

The purpose of the grave marker monuments:

First, the wooden monument stands in front of the palace gate, so it is called "The palace must have a monument." This wooden monument is used to recognize the shadow of the sun. From the yin and yang of the shadow, the changes in the season can be measured;

Second, the ancient ancestral temple stood in front of the monument, and there were perforations on the tablet. It was used to tie the ropes and tie the animals of the sacrifices. After the gods, they took out the animals for blood sacrifices;

Third, the ancient monuments are the tools for burial.