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Mosaic performance and Origin

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Mosaic performance and Origin:
Mosaic Chemical composition: SiO2 65%~75%,al2o320%~25%
, MgO 0.1%~0.4%,cao 0.5%~1.0%,r2o 4%~7%,fe2o30.1%~0.5%. The texture is hard.
The color is gorgeous, the pattern is graceful. Water absorption rate is not greater than 0.2%.
Wear resistance is not more than 0.1g/cm2. The use of mosaic originated in ancient Greece.
The first reason for the technology, and so on, simply using black and white to match the combination, this was very popular in the ruling class at the time, because it had a good visual effect, and later, in order to enrich the work more diversified, someone tried to use smaller gravel, or cut their own small stones to complete a mosaic.
After hundreds of years, mosaic slowly became very common, the general residential and public buildings floor, wall also began to decorate it, especially to the Roman period, the prosperity of the Roman society and economy, the use of mosaic has been unprecedented development, but also make the ancient Roman architecture has become very luxurious.
Of course, the golden age of Mosaic is developed with the development of Christianity, in the early Christianity, because not recognized, a large number of believers were persecuted, so they poured into the basement to avoid the party, because of illiteracy, so they will be the story of Christ Jesus through mosaic to describe.
In the Byzantine Empire, Constantine made Christianity legal and vigorously promote its development, so a large number of churches began to use mosaic to beautify, the use of more and more colorful, and even a large number of gold foil has been used, this is the peak period of mosaic development. October 20, 2016, the Palestinian announced the launch of the historic monument to the massive Mosaic ground protection works, after the restoration of mosaic ground is expected to meet with visitors at the end of 2018. This mosaic ground is located in the ruins of Hisham Palace north of Jericho, nearly 1300 years from now. The whole floor is made up of 38 colorful mosaic patterns with a total area of 827 square meters, which is rare in the world.