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Mosaic Performance Cleaning and maintenance

Edit:Xiamen Youstar Imp & Exp Co.,LtdUpDate:Jul 10, 2018

Mosaic Performance Cleaning and maintenance:
1, Beijing winter, Mosaic ground to pay attention to antifreeze. 2, if mosaic fall off, missing.
Can be used with a variety of mosaic adhesive.
3, mosaic ground to prevent heavy objects landing.
1, cleaning and maintenance can be used in general detergent, such as cleansers, washing powder and so on, heavy scale can also be used to wash toilet detergent.
2, Home 107 glue after the binder than single water and cement bond firmly, and the initial coagulation time is long, can be used for 2-3 consecutive hours.
3, easy to use, a small number of missing pieces, can also be used to blunt 3 times times white latex water, add a little cement bonding Glass mosaic is mainly used for swimming pool, science and Technology Museum, theaters, bars, clubs and other public occasions, especially in those nights when the surrounding environment is relatively black and indoor walls, more prominent its luminous effect, colorful, of course, this aspect needs to have different color lighting assistance, such as violet light, fluorescent lamps and other targeted irradiation,
Mosaic surface will produce a kind of warm, crystal clear feeling, quiet and deep, especially in the night, can add mystery color and romantic atmosphere, especially suitable for the mood between lovers. Ceramic mosaic is generally more home, because it has the innate advantage of this aspect, ceramic mosaic durability, soft light, not stimulating, very suitable for family warm atmosphere. In the home decoration, mosaic is mainly used for wall and floor decoration, because the mosaic area is small, the color is many and so on the characteristic, causes the mosaic to have the innumerable kind of combination style, the designer may with own design inspiration, will their this kind of beauty play to the extreme, shows its charm and the owner's taste, but in the use, Be sure to match the style of the House as a whole.