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Small and colorful

Edit:Xiamen Youstar Imp & Exp Co.,LtdUpDate:Jun 07, 2018

Mosaic tiles are the material used to lay the bathroom walls and floors. As early as the early 1980s, it began to use. Today, mosaic tiles are making a comeback and become the darling of decorative materials in a variety of shapes. They are favored by avant-garde and fashion families.

Mosaic is one of the oldest known decorative arts. It is created using small tiles or small pottery. In modern times, mosaics are more of a type of tile. It is a brick with a special way of existence. It usually consists of dozens of small blocks of bricks to form a relatively large brick. It is widely used in indoor small-scale floor, wall and outdoor size walls and floors with its small size and colorful features. Because of the smaller size of the mosaic, it is possible to make some puzzles and produce a gradient effect.

Nowadays, the materials that can be used to make mosaics are more and more flexible. From traditional marble, pebbles, glass bricks, pottery, tiles and enamels, to anything you can use in your life such as buttons, cutlery or stationery. In today's era of high-tech industry, glass-like inserts made of gold and silver can also be mass-produced.

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