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Tombstone in China

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Black Galaxy Granite Tombstone

The development trend of domestic tombstones:

In recent years, it has been the peak period of the development of the domestic tombstone industry. With the gradual advancement of economic development, the tombstone has grown from a simple symbol to a state of more beautiful elements and more beautiful.

Regarding the topic of tombstone product standardization, this is in stark contrast to the non-standardized chaos in the down-stream industry. There is no relatively viable control standard for the use of product materials or processing standards such as stone luminosity and error parameters. The result of this situation is that the chaos of competition within the industry, under the control of no uniform standards, the appearance quality of the products is very different. Of course, this is also the difference in the positioning of products in different regions. The degree of regional economic development determines the degree of customer acceptance of product prices to a certain extent.

With the return of the society's demand for tomb culture and further improvement, the degree of acceptance of good products and higher costs is becoming higher and higher in today's highly informatized and well-developed market economy. The formation of industrial standardization and healthy development are very good conditions. Such development is also beneficial to the factories in the processing end of the industry. For factories that can keep up with this development trend, there is huge room for industrialization and scale development in the future. For the practitioners who stick to the tradition, this is a fatal impact. The change of this industry pattern is both a challenge and an opportunity.

Informatization is another trend of tombstone development. The "two-dimensional code tombstone" frequently seen in recent years is a microcosm of the tombstone industry informationization. Although it has not formed a large market benefit in a relatively short period of time, The acceptance of new elements in all walks of life has increased, and I believe that in the near future, similar technologies will be applied more and more on tombstones.

Personalization is another trend in the development of the tombstone industry. With the continuous improvement of processing technology, customers are satisfied with the individualization and symbolization of tombstone products. While the market is fully standardized, the partial personalization will better serve and meet the needs of customers' psychological level.

Tombstone is still in its infancy as an industry. Whether it is a downstream processing enterprise or an upstream customer, it will gradually upgrade in the process of industrial development, combining more industrial internal conditions and external related factors.

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