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Uncontaminated easy to clean inherently good physicochemical properties

Edit:Xiamen Youstar Imp & Exp Co.,LtdUpDate:Jun 07, 2018

Microcrystalline stone is a new type of decorative building material, in which composite microcrystalline stone is called microcrystalline glass composite plate, and a layer of 3-5mm glass-ceramics is composited on the surface of ceramic glass-fossil, and is completely melted after secondary sintering. One of the high-tech products.

Microcrystalline stone thickness 13-18mm, gloss greater than 95.

Microcrystalline stone is called microcrystalline glass-ceramic composite board in the line. It is a high-tech product in the field of building ceramics. It is crystal clear, elegant, natural, and changes in the texture of the stone, bright colors, Uncanny workmanship appearance decoration effect, as well as is not contaminated, easy to clean, internal excellent physical and chemical properties, in addition to more weathering resistance than the stone, weather resistance and high-end building materials market at home and abroad favor.

As a new type of building material, microcrystalline stone gradually enters people's families. According to the raw materials and production process of microcrystalline stone, microcrystalline stones can be classified into three categories: non-porous microcrystalline stone, whole body microcrystalline stone, and composite microcrystalline stone.

Microcrystalline stone is a material that has been crystallized by firing at a high temperature similar to the conditions of granite formation. In terms of appearance texture, the surface finish of the polishing plate is much higher than that of the stone (photometric brightness can reach 90-120 gloss units). More importantly, its special micro-crystal structure makes the light enter from any angle and passes through. The diffuse reflection of fine crystallite particles can evenly distribute the light to any angle (not just to the reflection angle like the mirror surface), so that the plate forms a soft jade texture and is more crystal clear and soft than the natural stone. The building is more colorful.