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What are memorial stones?

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Irish Crafted Headstones

In fort myers, florida, some of the newly listed monuments stones are obvious, such as: The monument to ang lee; wade hampton park in charleston, named after the descendants of one of the largest slave families in the united states; nichols state university in louisiana is named after a southern confederate general and post-war governor. But who knows that the university of georgia's winnie davis hall is named after the daughter of the southern alliance president? Is there a jefferson davis highway sign in las cruces, new mexico, or a monument in monterrey, california, to commemorate an officer who left the us army to serve the confederacy? Two years ago, after the first investigation report was released by the law center, the report was filled with reports from journalists, historians, and the public. They continued to participate in their memorial service and also conducted investigations.

This explains why the number of confederate monuments stones in the organization increased from 718 in 2016 to 772, although 49 monuments stones were removed during the same period. They include the statues of davis and nathan bedford forrest of memphis, a coalition general accused of hosting the black alliance army. After the war he became the first "Big wizard" Of the kkk. It is the city of charlottesville that plans to remove the statues of lee and jackson from two parks, triggering demonstrations by extreme right-wing groups last august. When the protesters clashed with the anti-protesters, a riot broke out; an anti-protester was killed when he was hit by a man associated with a white supremacist group. A year later, the statue that contributed to this still exists; state law prohibits local governments from "Interfering" With the activities of commemorating veterans.