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What are memorial stones?

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Irish Granite Gravestones

The memorial stone is a stone that is commemorated by historical or modern celebrities, ascots, and national, collective, and personal collections, or ornamental stones with special commemorative significance and scientific value. Currently, there are four popular ones: one national memorial stone. Memorial stone collected by the state and unit. For example, the peasants of our country dedicated to the country's Changlin diamonds; Chinese scientists donated to the Antarctic stone of Peking University. Commemorative stones that are exchanged between countries - moon rocks, tripolar stones, domestic gemstones, mineral crystals, rare fossils, etc. 2 celebrity memorial stones. For example, the ancient collection of Lingbi, Taihu stone; Guo Moruo's collection of malachite; Li Siguang's collection of Quaternary glacier stone; Zhou Enlai, Deng Yingchao's collection of Yuhua stone. 3 major events memorial stone. For the purpose of commemorating the Three Gorges Project, the Three Gorges Dam Core Stone 4 is displayed on the Tanzi Ridge. The defeated country stone, such as the existing Beihai engraved with Qiongdao Chunyin's remnant stone; the defeated stone, such as the "Qingzhiyu" located in the Summer Palace; Liaozhai Sanshi, in the former residence of Pu Songling in Zibo, Shandong, has three stones - Ling Meteorite, Samsung Stone and Froging Stone (Taihu Stone).