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Has The Dual Function Of Construction And Decoration

Edit:Xiamen Youstar Imp & Exp Co.,LtdUpDate:Jun 07, 2018

As a natural building material with dual functions of construction and decoration, cherry blossom red stone has always been favored by people. The reason why people choose stone, in addition to its architectural features, but also in the natural beauty of the stone. Granite uniform color and tough wear-resistant texture, soft and elegant color of the stone and natural fresh lines, beautify our living environment, so that we fully feel the natural beauty and charm.

The cherry blossom red stone sculpture has a long history in the art gallery as a shining pearl. The ancients not only left us with many stone historical relics, but more importantly left a large amount of historical culture through the stone carving works. The modern processing and mining equipment has made this art more plentiful, and the types and grades of stone art have never been developed.

As a kind of wool board, with the large number of development and application, some issues concerning the production of cherry red stone are also diversified and complicated. Therefore, how to scientifically treat pre-prophylactic treatment and late-stage cleaning and nursing of stone carving products, how to preserve these artworks for a long time and shine forever, has attracted more and more attention. Therefore, a correct understanding of stone, understanding the characteristics of various stone materials, and mastering correct methods of protection, cleaning and care of the wool board are the prerequisites and necessary for people to maintain the bright colors and clean environment of the stone for a long time.