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More Thorough Protection And Very Good Protection

Edit:Xiamen Youstar Imp & Exp Co.,LtdUpDate:Jun 07, 2018

Improper handling of gold and stone may cause rust yellow on the surface of the stone. The cause of rust is because the gold stone itself contains unstable iron-containing minerals or foreign rust penetrates into the stone surface due to moisture. Therefore, reducing the moisture content of stone can prevent the occurrence of rust yellow. Today, we will explain in detail the anti-rust measures for golden stone and stone:

First, the use of stone sealant on the maintenance of gold and Ma surface.

In the rust preventive maintenance operation of gold hemp, first use stone sealant to brush twice on the appearance of gold hemp, after the appearance of rust spots removed, use clean water to rinse the remaining sealant. Of course, the best use of non-acid neutral alkaline water.

2. Moisture drying of golden flax surfaces in a special room.

Place the golden flax into a special room to dry the water. It is ensured that the moisture of golden flax is completely dried, and there will not be residual water causing the appearance of rust spot water stains in the future, making the maintenance of the stone unsuccessful.

Third, six-sided protective treatment of golden hemp surface.

In the six-sided treatment of gold hemp, it is necessary to pay attention to repeated repeated treatment of the right side of the face, so that the protection of gold and stone stone more thoroughly, the protection effect is very good.

Fourth, clean the surface of the golden hemp with a cotton cloth.

The remaining maintenance agent is wiped off with a cotton cloth so as to prevent the formation of the maintenance agent from being hardened and adhered to the gold hemp so that the rust prevention work is affected.

In summary, it is the main measure of anti-rust of gold and hemp. As the most popular natural stone, gold hemp must pay attention to regular maintenance and maintenance during use to prevent the destruction of various factors such as rust yellow, white ash, erosion, and corrosion.