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No Corrosion, No Oxidation, No Fading, No Color, No Distortion

Edit:Xiamen Youstar Imp & Exp Co.,LtdUpDate:Jun 07, 2018

Whole body microcrystalline stone, also known as glass-ceramics, is a new type of high-grade decorative material. It is made of natural inorganic materials, using specific processes, and sintered at high temperatures. With no radiation, no water, no corrosion, no oxidation, no fading, no color, no deformation, high strength, high gloss and other excellent characteristics.

The reason why the performance of microcrystalline stone is better than natural granite, marble, synthetic stone and artificial marble, and it is related to the material composition and shaping that he contains.

Microcrystalline stone is the selection of several major components of granite by high temperature, precipitation of special crystal phase from the glass of special components. Therefore, it has a high hardness and strength, and after the molding process, it is subjected to second high-temperature melting and setting. Therefore, there is no texture formed by natural stone, so it is not easy to break, no water absorption, and is not afraid of erosion and pollution, and the gloss is also high. No color difference, efflorescence, spit juice, etc. will appear after decoration. No maintenance required.

In addition, due to the natural formation process, natural stones contain radioactive elements that are harmful to the human body (such as thorium and radium), which cause dizziness, weakness, fatigue, and infertility. In severe cases, it has the potential to cause cancer. The microcrystalline stone is refined and parsed by two high temperatures, so it does not contain any radioactive elements.

The coloring of microcrystalline stone is based on the metal oxide as a colorant, which is sintered at a high temperature. Therefore, it will not fade and its color is bright.