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Smooth And Delicate Technique, Smooth And Easy Pattern

Edit:Xiamen Youstar Imp & Exp Co.,LtdUpDate:Jun 07, 2018

Stone carving It pays attention to the meticulous life style, meticulous meticulous approach, smooth and free and smooth pattern. Its traditional craftsmanship began in Han and matured in the Wei and Jin and became popular in the Tang Dynasty.

There are several categories of garden sculptures, architectural sculptures, statues, and stone carving crafts. There are hundreds of varieties of products: marble mantelpieces, character sculptures, embossments, abstract sculptures, fountains, flowerpots, Roman columns, railings, gazebos, busts, doors Sets, stone benches, bath tubs, animal carvings, tombstones, antique sculptures, etc. Stone carving has a long history, it pays attention to modeling lifelike, smooth and delicate way, pattern smooth and free and easy. The carving products mainly include figures, animals, fireplaces, flowerpots, fences, fountains, embossments, dragon pavilions, Qionglou Yuge, birds and animals, and various fine carvings. Both the charm of ancient art, and elegant and bright modern art style, at home and abroad to enjoy "a wonderful workmanship" and "rock-shattering" reputation.

Stone carving is a collection of creative, design, production of various works of art.

Simply put, it is a work carved with stone - artwork.

Natural Stone 

Solid, weather-resistant, therefore, in Lingnan architecture, in addition to stone towers, stone bridges, Shifang, Shiting, stone tombs, more widely used in building components and decoration. They are roughly divided into three categories: First, as the building components of the door frames, fences, drum stone, steps, pillars, beams, wells, etc.; second, as a building attachment body of stone tablets, stone lions, Shihua watches and stone statue students Etc. The third is as furnishings in buildings, such as stone incense burners, stone five supplies and so on.

Natural stone is now widely used by people, with nature as the United States, for the school entrance, in the green belt, the entrance of organs and so on.